Dear Customers:

Dear Customers: All artificial nails, dipping powder, and gel manicure services are guaranteed for only 5 days from the day you get your services. Please give us a picture of any problem nails and a call to arrange your appointment with the same technician to fix it with the same color. If you change your color, you will have to pay for a new color change. This is a one-time fix only. We do not guarantee any of these services with regular polish.


Our Gift Cards are available in any amount for any occasion. We will not replace lost or stolen gift cards.


Tipping is always left to the discretion of our clients. We do not allow adding gratuities/tips through your credit or gift cards, or check.


Please arrange for your valuable belongings prior to your visit with us. We are not responsible for damaged or lost items.


Unfortunately, late arrivals will not receive an extension of scheduled service times and will be responsible for full-service fee.


Call to cancel your appointment 24hrs before you are scheduled. In advance prior to your appointment, if you do not call to cancel your appointment in 24hrs, you will be held responsible for paying 30% of your services. Failure to pay this fee will affect your ability to book any future appointments. If you do not show up for your appointment, you will be fully charged for the services and we will require that you provide a deposit to hold any future appointments.